Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The more I read, the more smart I felt." You Can Make Him Like You gets 24-hour blurbed by the Mickey Hess. And likes it. A lot.

Bam. Or is that more bam? Because if getting the attention we deserve earlier this week from the Mickey Hess wasn't enough we now get some 24-hour blurb love for You Can Make Him Like You as well. And all that said, its not only officially Mickey Hess week here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters, he's by far our newest, yet oldest in a way, and momentarily favoritest, BFF ever. Frankly, it even feels like a bit of a crush.

“Finally someone makes a significant contribution to literature! Ben Tanzer dishes up a wonderful book that makes his family uncomfortable and surprises his co-workers. The more I read, the more smart I felt.”

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