Thursday, February 24, 2011

"It made me do some unanticipated introspection." You Can Make Him Like You gets Failure Loves Company'd. And likes it. A lot.

We are so very appreciative of writer J. Bradley's kind and terribly moving review and reflection after reading You Can Make Him Like You and as opposed to saying something incredibly cheesy, we will say big thanks and drinks on us when next we meet.

"I’m working my way down my small tower of literature and I decided to take on Ben Tanzer’s You Can Make Him Like You. I appreciated the pace, the accessibility of the story, the font size. I enjoyed it tremendously and would recommend it to anyone to pick up and read (so go order it already). The unexpected surprise I had after reading it is how I related to the protagonist’s experiences, doubts, and fears of fatherhood and what it is to really be a man. It made me do some unanticipated introspection, something that has happened a lot more as of late."

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