Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Podcast Will Change Your Life, Episode One and Two - Out of Nowhere, starring the Jill Howe.

Truth. We are so podcast. And we are so Jill Howe. We are also Story Sessions, safe places, producing shows, storytelling, and much, much more. So do hit it. It just might change your life.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This Book Will Change Your Life - Idle Feet Do The Devil's Work by the Ray Charbonneau.

We have gladly riffed here before on the Ray Charbonneau and how his compulsions are our compulsions. And you need look no further than our posts on Overthinking the Marathon and Chasing the Runner's High for proof of that. As we read Idle Feet Do The Devil's Work, however, we thought we would give Charbonneau and his obsessive awesomeness a break, or more accurately, we would instead celebrate said awesomeness for the great pleasure it brings us. We run, and outside of writing, there is little we spend more time trying to make time for, while simultaneously recognizing that our mood, even our stability rests on our ability to makes these things real. Take today for example. We wrote and ran by 7:15 am, and sharing this with you is not about bragging, or it's not intended to be anyway. It's about knowing we have to work, and get children up for school, but still having a need, and well-knowing what feeding that need produces: happiness and equilibrium, energy, reduced stress, any and all of it. And yet, stress reduction aside, not to mention watching Game of Thrones, and yes, our children we suppose, there is little that gives us more pleasure than reading, our first great love, compulsion, and escape. Before running, and writing, drugs, and sex, there was book, and there was read, and so to be able to lie on the couch and read about running as written by someone who knows, the known known as it were, is pleasure multiplied, or personified, or something quite like it. And the Charbonneau brings it, and over and over again at that. So we thank him for doing so, and we recognize that if he isn't actually changing our life with his words, he is certainly making it better.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"This clever collection will make any short story reader sit up and take notice." All Post, all of the time.

It is just that kind of week. Excerpt? Word.

"Star Wars, parenting, movies, television and pop culture galore. This clever collection will make any short story reader sit up and take notice."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dave Housley is Steph Post interview.

And like right here at that. Excerpt? Word.

SP: If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home has much in common with Commercial Fiction- your style is immediately visible on the page- but there is a seriousness bubbling under the surface of these stories, a bittersweet nostalgia, that lends weight to the stories. How was your mindset different in writing this collection?

DH: Thanks for saying that! I think the best compliment I ever got was from Steve Almond, who said “I bet people tell you all the time how funny these stories are, but they’re really sad.” I like to think I can make anything really sad, even a Wiggles concert or a Budweiser ad. The stories in If I Knew the Way have a lot of what a friend called “father/son shit” happening in them, a lot of reckoning with getting older and the disappointments and limitations that might bring. I tend to write maybe five years behind where I am in my life. I guess I process things slowly.