Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wherein we get the attention we deserve. We think?

While we so cannot totally decide if we are being mocked in the incomparable Mickey Hess's recent blog post "Three writers who get exactly the attention they deserve," though yes, clearly we are, this confusion should not be confused with our great love for the post and Mickey himself, or our thrill at being coupled, or is it tripled, with the also incomparable Mel Bosworth and Kim Gek Lin Short.

"Ben Tanzer: runs This Blog will Change Your Life, which I think is a pretty great name for a blog. He writes a lot of books too, and some of them look like the kind of stuff I like to read, but I haven’t been reading much lately outside of super-old academic medical journals, like War Medicine, which are pretty crazy, really, the way they used to think about treating diseases. Being from Chicago, Tanzer is in a city with a good literary scene, which could mean that he should get more press coverage than he does, but maybe he gets more and you just have to live in Chicago to hear about it. I saw he got interviewed by a magazine or website called The Chicagoist, so there’s something. In short, I would say Tanzer seems like a nice guy and a hard-working writer, and a lot of links come up when you google his name, so I’d say he’s getting his due. If I were him, though, I’d probably feel differently."

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