Friday, February 25, 2011

All hail the Curbside Splendor. And all day at that.

You ever feel like you're having a Curbside Splendor kind of week? Us too. So we're going to do a day of Curbside Splendoring starting with our Writer on Writer interview at Orange Alert with Curbside Splendor founder, This Podcast Will Change Your Life podcastee and daddy-cool author of Sophomoric Philosophy Victor David Giron. Please check it out. Please enjoy some excerpt. And more to come. Much, much more.

Only somewhat switching gears, I know you published Sophomoric Philosophy through your publishing arm Curbside Splendor and I was wondering what you want us to know about Curbside Splendor, well, you know besides that fact that all authors you publish get free drinks and manicures at Beauty Bar for life?

Well, sure, but only Curbside authors that write nice reviews and publish an interview with me get free drinks and manicures, just to clarify. Curbside Splendor was the name of a band that me and my friend Brian talked about starting when I was at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I could never play an instrument so the dream quickly went up in smoke. However, the name stuck with me. When I thinking of how to publish my book, I decided to start a small press when I learned one could do such a thing and I immediately thought of calling it CS. In the process of working with the editor, the designer, my friend Gabriel Hurier who did the artwork, I really dug the whole publishing process. So now we publish short stories and poetry online, and will also in print starting with our first semi-annual print journal coming out in March. We’ll also publish more books. Our focus is urban-themed work, but we publish other stuff. In fact we’re publishing a chap book of poems by Chicago native Charles Bane Jr. this May. He’s retired, now lives in Florida, writes these fleeting romance poems and though it’s something I never thought I’d want to publish, I quite literally fell in love reading his work. I also co-host with my friends Amy & Becca of Two With Water a bi-monthly reading series at Beauty Bar Chicago that is getting better and better. I’m in the process of organizing more a literary-friendly events at the Beauty Bar that will be quite killer, and I’m now selling books and journals by local presses and authors at the Logan Square Farmer’s market here in Chicago. To my pleasant surprise, I’ve just now discovered all the great lit-stuff going on here these days. Do I have a prior time period to compare against? No. But, it’s fun, now, and I guess for me that’s what matters and I’m eager to support it.

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