Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Vespertine. More Tanzer Tuesdays. More appreciation. And some "Good Parents."

There is more "Tanzer Tuesdays" at the We Are Vespertine and we are once again a day late, but most appreciative. Last week there was You Can Make Him Like You review and this week there is new New York story, "The Good Parents." Please feel free to imbibe, big thanks to the Vespertine crew and some excerpt.

"The baby was born on a cold, upstate winter’s night, kicking and screaming. It was a boy and they named him Joe. Other names were more popular, and more interesting, but how many Cameron’s did the world need? And what kind of message would they send giving him a name like Holden? We like to read? We like to be different? We hope our son is one day punched in the stomach by a hateful concierge cum pimp after running off to New York City? No, Joe was good, sturdy, and safe, and they liked that."

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