Friday, May 13, 2011

You Can Make Him Like You Goodreads review love.

Blogger may be trying to keep us down, but the people have spoken, well they have posted reviews anyway, and we are quite geeked by two new reviews for You Can Make Him Like You on the Goodreads.

The first is from our newest BFF, and maybe bestest BFF, Kate who wrote among other things:

"Ben Tanzer = pop culture
Ben Tanzer = PopRocks! of literature
Ben Tanzer = rock star

Ben Tanzer is all these things but most importantly a phenomenal writer that I am glad to know."

And the second is from our
other newest, favoritest BFF Anne who wrote:

"Frankly, I don’t read nearly enough modern-day pop culture novels. Do you? Feels like every day I’m only offered upmarket literary novels with excessively trick-making plots or the experimental novel written in dense prose that is good for me (like, say, spinach) and yet, admittedly, I can only handle in very small doses. Sure, those have their place and I wouldn’t dismiss them. But the world needs more novels like this one, slightly satirical, funny, emotive, a reflection of life itself."

Big thanks to you both, and drinks, many on us, when next we meet.


The Igloo Oven said...

Congrats on the new novel! I'm excited to check it. I like the reviewers comparison to digesting food. I guess books themselves, coming from trees can be considered a vegetable literally and figuratively...

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

Thank you The Igloo Oven and we too enjoy good food-centric reviews. We also enjoy comparisons to obscure television shows, masonry and Chia Pets. Hint, hint.