Friday, December 31, 2010

Yo, check it out, Pac Man Fever in Polish at the MINIMALBOOKS. Whoot.

Yes, its true, we were going to talk Top Ten movies today, we were, really, but then Piotr Siwecki at MINIMALBOOKS let us know that they have translated "Pac Man Fever" from Repetition Patterns into Polish for the new issue of MINIMALBOOKS, which also includes TBWCYL, Inc. favorites Peter Schwartz, Aleathia Drehmer and Jason Jordan among other fine writers, and we were so geeked that we let the marketing people in our film department know that the movies will have to wait. Meanwhile, this is the second story from the Repetition Patterns that Piotr and his crew have translated, the first being "The Gift" which appeared in the first issue of MINIMALBOOKS. To say we are most appreciative of the support and interest is understatement, and to say we think this is quite cool is also an understatement, but to say it has changed our life is not an understatement at all, it has, does, will, and we are digging it.

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