Thursday, December 10, 2009

CellStories loves us. Well, they love our new story "That's It" anyway. Which is cool with us. Totally cool.

So yeah, we are really geeked that the new and very cool Dan Sinker joint CellStories has run with our story "That's It" for today's daily dose of awesome. CellStories is accessible through any mobile devise with a Webkit-based browser, i.e, your iPhone, iPod touch or Android-based phone, and we hope you will take a look. We also though you might want to know that this story is part of a so-called "story-cycle" inspired by the discussions we had during This Book Tour Will Change Your Life about the themes - fathers, sons, chicks, substance abuse - and locations - update New York, Thirsty's, The Park Diner - in our collection Repetition Patterns. The first story published from this group was titled "So Different Now" and it ran in Dogzplot, which we were equally geeked about. We recognize that this is a lot of geeked, but please note that we are committed to having this addressed. We are also committed to sharing a mini-excerpt from the "That's It" with you at this time and we have done so below.

"I knew though that if my dad had been there and not running around with whoever he was seeing at the moment he would have told me to suck it up, that fear was for pussies."


Jason said...

Just in case you missed the story yesterday, as I did, here's a link to paste into your iPhone:

Ben Tanzer said...

Thank you for the technical support, because to be honest we have no idea how this works.