Sunday, November 22, 2009


Maybe its the work travel. Or the fact that we have been so self-absorbed lately. It could just be the fact that we have been unable to concentrate on anything but the once imminent now very real release of New Moon. But things have been missed, stuff has been overlooked and an array of TBWCYL, Inc. favorites have not received the airspace here they deserve. We however intend to fix that like now:

(1) Sally Weigel the author of Too Young to Fall Asleep recently did a fine interview with the Orange Alert;

(2) The J.A. Tyler has a recording and interview with the always awesome Apostrophe Cast; and

(3) Our boy Mel Bosworth's new collection of short stories and flash fiction When The Cats Razzed the Chicken & Other Stories is now officially available for your consumption.

This is good stuff, right, totally, you don't even need to answer that, just check it out, all of it, immediately, because it just might change your life. For reals.