Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ah, youth. Or, should we just say that CCLaP is officially releasing its first novella - Too Young to Fall Asleep by the quite wonderful Sally Weigel?

Very exciting stuff. The fine folks at CCLaP who very generously released Repetition Patterns last fall are back with their newest entry into the world of pay what you want e-literature, Sally Weigel's novella Too Young to Fall Asleep. We saw an early version of the book and were quite taken with it. We plan to re-read it shortly however and will report back to you with all of our quasi-formal and terribly objective thoughts and reactions. In the interim though please do visit the CCLaP website where you can take a look at the variety of Too Young to Fall Asleep offerings, including an interview with Sally and a brief "passing the torch" essay by none other than TBWCYL, Inc, spokesperson Ben Tanzer.

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