Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Torn Pages Show. 11 Chicago artists. 11 Chicago writers. Will be cool. Quite cool. Though some funding is needed. Are you in? Maybe?

The Torn Pages Show is coming, The Torn Pages Show is coming. No, we don't know exactly when, but we are excited to be participating. For this show the inestimable Josh Lucas is teaming with 11 Chicago writers, including many TBWCYL, Inc. favorites, including Jill Summers, Joe Meno, Tim Hall, Jamie Calder, Amy Guth, Zach Dodson and our very own spokesperson Ben Tanzer, and 11 Chicago artists, including among others the quite rocking Allison Dunne Burque and Dominique Holmes, to write and illustrate original children's stories that will be presented by the OhNo! Doom Collective in a gallery show. We think it will be quite cool, but If all that wasn't cool enough though for you, Josh is also hoping to collect the work in a perfect-bound, full color book and this is where you may or may not come in. Josh is using KICKSTARTER to raise the funds needed to produce the book and if you think you may want to support this effort please do take a look. Maybe you can take a look regardless, and maybe, just maybe, it will change your life, if only briefly.


backpack. said...

why im curating and not participating in the show, i had to look up the word inestimable. thanks for the help ben.

Ben Tanzer said...

Most welcome, and we are just glad that "inestimable" is the right word.