Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life, Week Ten - "Failed Experiment."

Bam. It's Week Ten of This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life. We had an idea that didn't work. It was beautiful, and daring, it could have changed lives, and we do love to change lives, but it was not to be, hence this week's title "Failed Experiment." We of course are fully committed to revisiting this groundbreaking, albeit failed idea, just as we are fully committed to producing one self-portrait per week for one year as part of this project. And why are we so committed to this? Because we care. About ourselves. We are self-absorbed and This Self-Portrait Will Change Your Life seems like the perfect manifestation of that. As always, if you want to follow the project in its entirety please feel free to hit the Flickr and if you want to see your own self-portrait grace This Blog Will Change Your Life feel free to hit us at Cool? Cool.

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