Friday, March 20, 2009

I am Richard Simmons. And we are quite proud to announce it. Well that, what's up at the kick-ass ml press and how all this just might be related.

We should probably add here that we are quite thrilled that our short story "I am Richard Simmons" will be published as part of the new slew of ml press chapbooks. This is a fantastic series and we are way geeked to be included with such a stellar group of writers including TBWYL, Inc. favorites Mark Baumer, Mary Hamilton, the Amy Guth, and many others. Further, and yes, there's more, for $36 American dollars, you can get all 18 volumes to be released, plus ml press' first perfect-bound novella by none other than Molly Gaudry. Coolness, yes? Totally. So, many thanks to ml press and the endlessly cool J.A. Tyler for the interest in this piece and as for the rest of you, please go place your order now, yes, right now, go, great, and thank you as well.


Pete said...

And I certainly hope that one of the promotional stunts for the chapbook's release will involve you prancing down Michigan Avenue wearing an outfit identical to the one Mr. Simmons is wearing above. "Shake those buns!"

Ben Tanzer said...

But of course, though how that differs from how we normally get to work is not entirely clear to us.

Pete said...

That would certainly explain why street traffic in the Gold Coast, River North and the Mag Mile suddenly eases every time you're on an out-of-town business trip.