Sunday, March 22, 2009

Check it out, the Corey Mesler has a new book out called Listen: 29 Short Conversations. Now, how about you go and get it. Awesome.

Good friend and great writer Corey Mesler has a new joint out from Brown Paper Publishing called Listen: 29 Short Conversations and we think you are going to want and get a copy for yourself like right now. In the interim please enjoy the following blurbage from the Mesler himself about the book:

"Listen is a collection of short fiction, continuing the exploration of dialogue narrative begun in my novel, Talk: A Novel in Dialogue (Livingston Press, 2002). Listen: 27 Short Conversations is based around many modes of interaction and its characters include a wannabe writer, a wannabe musician, the ghost of John Lennon, a talking TV, Jesus Christ, King Arthur and a man who has been turned into a giant hen."

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