Monday, February 2, 2009

Orange Alert has a new home and if we may be so bold its quite lovely. What's also lovely is this recent interview with Mary Hamilton.

what to wear during an orange alert
It's true, so totally true, Orange Alert has a new home, which you should so check-out. It will have all of the old Orange Alert awesomeness of course, but also a consignment shop, face painting and all sorts of crazy awesome new stuff. And speaking of the old Orange Alert awesomeness, we were quite pleased to see a recent interview on the site with TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Mary Hamilton, co-doyenne of the QUICKIES! reading series, who has not only podcasted with us (along with QUICKES! co-host Lindsay Hunter), but who also penned our quite rocking inaugeration day joint over at This Zine Will Change Your Life. Nice, huh? Way.

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