Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Something wicked this way comes. Well, not wicked, but there is the Repetition Patterns and a virtual book tour and even the Elizabeth Crane. Nice.

Yes, sorry, nothing truly wicked, nor anything involving Ray Bradbury or Jason Robards for that matter, though they are so welcome to join us. No, what we're talking about is the upcoming Repetition Patterns virtual book tour - This Book Tour Will Change Your Life, where over the last two weeks of February we will be on the road, the internet road, thank you very much Al Gore, and visiting a variety of blogs and electronic literary outposts to hype, dissect, deify and love all that is Repetition Patterns. We will certainly let you know more as we know more ourselves, but we are happy to report that among the bloggers we know we will be visiting are none other than the Pete Lit, Orange Alert, So the Devil and a Circus Walk into a Bar, Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again, the j.a. tyler, and yes, yes, long-time This Blog Will Change Your Life muse Elizabeth Crane as well. Nice, right? Way, and much, much, appreciated.

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