Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coolness, The A Team Blog. No, not that A Team, though we do love them as well.

We recently got a shout from the most excellent writer and literary agent Joanna MacKenzie about a new project she's hyping. Joanna has had her first solo sale as an agent, most sweet, and many congratulations, and as an effort to build some excitement around the book, All Unquiet Things, and the author, Anna Jarzab, Joanna and Anna have roled out a new blog called THE A TEAM where they plan to provide a blow-by-blow account of everything All Unquiet Things until its release in January 2010. Pretty cool we think, yes, yes, so, we hope that you will not only visit the blog and revel in the All Unquiet Things love, but maybe even buy a copy of the book itself, because despite the economy, we're thinking that given the release date you could totally start saving now, right? Right.

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