Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Day Eight of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life and we are golden. Well, that and visting good friend Amy Guth at Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again.

Our day of rest is now officially in the rear view mirror and we are back, back on the road and continuing with the two-week Repetition Patterns love fest also known as This Book Tour Will Change Your Life. Today we are stopping at Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again the blog home of the most excellent Amy Guth and we are happy to report that we have gone video in a big way. We hope you like and we hope you will join us for tomorrow's stop at the Chicago Literary Scene Examiner as well. Cool? Cool. Also, please stop by and visit the hard-working staff at CCLaP when you have a chance because we couldn't so this without them and lack of per diems aside we certainly want to be sure that they too are feeling the Repetition Patterns love.


Amy Guth said...

Glad to be part of the fun!

Ben Tanzer said...

And again, many thanks, you rocked it.