Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bode Miller, Marathons, Repetition Patterns and Michael FitzGerald. It is Day Six of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life.

It's true we are on Day Six of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life and today we are touching down on the Goodreads page of author Michael FitzGerald, where among other things we talk marathons and Bode Miller. Many thanks to Michael for the support and hospitality and as always you can check in with the crew at CCLaP for further details. Also, please note that tomorrow is a rest day, but on Monday we will be cruising by Bigmouth Indeed Strikes Again the home of TBWCL, Inc. favorite and Three Fallen Women author Amy Guth. And, and, if all this isn't enough, please feel free to visit the Chicago Literary Scene Examiner as well for some highly engrossing pre-Tuesday tour stop love.

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