Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Word association? Repetition Patterns? The Chicago Literary Scene Examiner? And Day Nine of This Book Tour Will Change Your Life? Way.

You feel good about these things right? Sure you do, and so yes, it is Day Nine of the tour, and yes, we are visiting with Chicago writer guy and good friend Robert Duffer and the Chicago Literary Scene Examiner, and yes, we are doing the word association thing on a variety of topics ranging from Mickey Rourke to High School Musical 3 to Kafka, not to mention crafting a new draft piece, and as always engaging in mass Repetition Patterns love. And so why not visit the Examiner, and then why not zip by CCLaP because they would love to see you, and finally, and after you catch your breath, get some rest, and maybe have some tea, why not come back tomorrow and join us when we stop by to connect with west coast writing dude Jason Riley. It all sounds like fun, right? Way.

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