Sunday, February 3, 2008

Call for submissions: This Zine Will Change Your Life - A joint production of TBWCYL, Inc. and This Blog Will Change Your Life.

So, here's the deal, in our ongoing bid to expand the TBWCYL, Inc. media empire we have decided its time to launch "This Zine Will Change Your Life." Our idea is that it will be an e-zine where we will run two pieces a month - one for the first two weeks of the month, the other for the last two weeks - and than at the end of the year we will create a hard copy compendium of our favorite pieces from that year.

We are also aiming to launch April 1st, so please see the details for submitting below and please consider sharing this information with anyone you think might be interested. If you have no interest in submitting, but would like to be on the mailing list none-the-less please drop us an e-mail at

Thanks in advance for your support.

This Zine Will Change Your Life. The details.


Fiction, creative nonfiction, comix and poetry.

Word count.

1200 - 1500 words is preferred, shorter is great, though up to 2000 words is cool if it rocks.

What we like.

We like it funny, and dark, some times inappropriate, always sparse, and not so experimental or speculative, not that we're sure what the latter means.


Please send all submissions to Microsoft word attachments are cool, as is pasting your piece into the body of the e-mail.

Please include a brief bio of around 50 words as well, including any and all pertinent links.

We think that's it for now. So hit it.


Nick said...

Sounds badass. Fuck changing lives--this zine is going to change the world!

Anonymous said...

I'll settle for it just changing my love life though I am equally excited as Nick is for this new endeavor and the ever-expanding TBWCYL, Inc. empire. Viva! And congrats! Will you have an official .com address and a fancy designed site?

Ben said...

So, if we've followed this correctly, (1) change the world, (2) change love lives, and (3) design a fancy site. Check, check, and check. We will see what we can do.

Anonymous said...

We have faith in you, Ben.

S. Craig Renfroe, Jr. said...

Excellent! "We like it funny, and dark, some times inappropriate..." Now that'll be a zine to change lives.

Ben said...

Josh, we appreciate the faith, and S. Craig we look forward to your submission. Most excellent indeed.