Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rusty Barnes and Sherrie Flick rule.

Please note that it hasn't been all about Friday Night Lights here this week, we also had the opportunity to finish reading two fine short story/flash fiction collections. The first, Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes is genius, sort of the drunken, bastard spawn of Breece Pancake and Raymond Carver, and filled with drowned children, adultery, dead dogs, and ultrasounds. The other is called I Call This Flirting by Sherrie Flick and it has this stripped-down Alice Munro thing going on that is fantastic. Not the situations per se, Alice Munro never had a lonely character sleep with the paperboy, and I don't think her characters drink this much, but the sense of longing and found love, how we get it and lose it invoked Munro for us. Anyway, we really enjoyed these books, a lot, and we really hope you will pick them both up. They'll change your life for sure.

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