Friday, March 2, 2007

Kneitif im Paradies - Knee Deep in Paradise?

Eddie Murphy denied the Oscar. Jamal Crawford out for the season. AJ Tabaldo ousted from Idol. What else can go wrong? Funny you should ask. Because despite my unconditional love for all my writing brothers and sisters, fact is the Lucky Man release/reading at Quimby's (1854 West North Avenue - Chicago) next Wednesday the 7th at 8:00pm - - is not the only show in town that night.

We have Jeffrey M. Leving reading from "Divorce Wars" at Borders and Steve Almond and Janice Erlbaum doing the "Nextbook" thing at Abbey Pub. There is also the "RUI: Reading Under The Influence" series and Helga Schutz getting her German on with Kneitif im Paradies at the Goethe-Institut. The thing is, I want to support them all and I want their events to be great successes. Just not too successful, you know? Most sorry.

Meanwhile, check out Punk Planet 78 which has just hit the stands. Inside you will find my interview with Usama Alshaibi the director of the new documentary Nice Bombs - - about his journey home to Iraq. It rocks, he rocks, and the movie will definitely change your life. You can also support Punk Planet
in the process - - which is a mitzvah, so you see, we all win, and what could be better then that? Nothing.

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Steve Lafler said...

You should know I have issued a Fatwah on all other writers with the nerve to read in Chicago on the evening of March 7th.