Saturday, March 3, 2007

From The Home Office in Chicago, Illinois - Part One

I play no musical intruments. I don't sing well. And most of the time I can't follow song lyrics, much less interpret them. Yet, does that mean I shouldn't have an opinion on my top ten favorite albums of the year? I don't think so, though if you disagree please feel free to discuss this amongst yourselves.

That said, you may have the following questions - What's up with the lists all of a sudden? And didn't you recently threaten to share your top ten movies of the year - where's that? I'm not sure I'm prepared to answer the first question, though for now let's say it probably has something to do with my need for control and structure in an otherwise chaotic world. As to the second question, yes I did make such a threat, but since that list has yet to clear customs, please think of this list as an appetizer.

Top Ten Favorite Albums - 2006

I. Boys and Girls in America - The Hold Steady

Good storytelling. Big songs. Love it. Period.

II. We Shall Overcome: The Pete Seeger Sessions - Bruce Springsteen

Joyous. I bought it on the first nice day of spring, cranked it up in my office, and it made me so happy I shed a tear. Really.

III. Be Your Own Pet - Be Your Own Pet

Loud. And loud like I like it. Like I want to go smash things. But in a good way.

IV. St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley

Makes me want to get up and undulate every time I hear it, and everywhere I hear it. And that's appreciated. Thank you.

V. 12 Songs - Neil Diamond

Why isn't this on more Top Ten lists. Seriously. Haven't you listened to "Man of God?"

VI. Rabbit Fur Coat - Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins

See above. Aren't people listening to "Rise Up With Fists?"

VII. Fishscale - Ghostface Killah

I always feel like I'm on an episode of Entourage when I listen to this. And then I smile. Or is it smirk?

VIII. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood - Neko Case

I have no idea what's going on here. Don't care. Long live Neko Case

IX. Nuclear Daydream - Joseph Arthur

After hearing "Dear Lord" a couple of years ago I decided to follow Joseph Arthur anywhere he went, and so I have.

X. Rather Ripped - Sonic Youth

I almost went with "The Greatest" by Cat Power here, but this album makes me want to move back to New York City, so it wins.

Thank you for reading. Now go listen to music. Lots of it. And enjoy yourself. Really. Please.

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