Friday, February 23, 2007

Some Things I Know

I. The Knicks have surpassed their win total from last season - sweet - Dennis Johnson is dead - fucked-up

II. Britney Spears is freaking me out, but she is making K-Fed look great in comparison - its like magic or something

III. I am conflicted about what should be an ongoing Obama and Hillary smackdown - I'm kind of looking forward to it for the entertainment value, but am wondering why we can't all just get along - damn you David Geffen

IV. I cannot decide if the three part Meredith Grey death trifecta palooza was hokey or not, but damn that Denny is cute

V. Right now Pan's Labyrinth is feeling like my favorite movie of the year, but keep looking for my much delayed Top Ten list some time soon where all questions shall be answered

VI. I am still debating whether I will request a paternity test of my own for the child I have no doubt that Anna Nicole Smith and I created that transformative night in Des Moines - my concern, upsetting Bridget Moynahan and hurting our chances at building a little family of our own

VII. Mayor Daley is likely to win the Mayoral general election here in Chicago by just a little bit - and you can quote me on that

VIII. Fun House still rocks - have you read it yet? And if not, why not? Also, have you started listening to the Hold Steady or Avail? Again, why not?

IX. Diane Lane never returns my calls - is it something I said?

X. Lucky Man comes out next Thursday and its Amazon ranking is a healthy 420,000
- rock on

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