Monday, April 8, 2013

"You might find yourself up late at night, like the book’s subjects, unable to put the collection down until you’ve read it all." The Way We Sleep gets Necessary Fiction'd. And likes it. A lot.

Yup. We are digging it. And we think you will too. So please do hit that. It just might change your life. Excerpt? Word.

“How did you sleep?” It’s a simple question, one often asked without much consideration and answered just as casually. But think about it for a moment. How did you sleep last night? Did you sleep deeply? Did you sleep poorly? Did you sleep in a bed, on a couch, sitting upright during a long flight? Did you sleep next to someone or did you sleep alone? Did you dream or have nightmares? Have you been sleeping a figurative slumber, moving through life in a kind of torpor from which you’ve only recently awoken? Are you sure you really woke this morning? Or did you sleep at all?
The Way We Sleep sets out to answer these questions and raises many more as C. James Bye and Jessa Bye take the reader on a dreamlike journey through a collection of short stories, cartoons, and interviews exploring the literal, figurative, and sometimes merely tangential elements of what the Greek’s called “the brother of death”—sleep. Along the way readers will find that the answer to our simple question, “how did you sleep?” is as varied and complex as the approach of each artist who sets out to answer the question."

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