Sunday, April 7, 2013

New joint. Race Matters. At The Rumpus.

We are new joint, race, and kid. We are also very thankful to The Rumpus and Gina Frangello for making it so. So please do Rumpus and we promise that the next round of drinks will be on us. Totally. Excerpt? Cool.

"The office has a run. It’s a fundraiser. There is a 5k and a 10k and a walk. There are mascots, the Berenstain Bears and Benny the Bull. And family activities, involving things like water balloons and bean bags.

There is also a kids’ dash.

But he won’t dash, and I cannot let it go, and so every year the conversation goes something like this.

“Yo, this is the year you are going to run the dash,” I say, “right, yes, sweet, you are.”

“No, never, not this year, not ever, you know that,” he says.

“It’s not going to be windy,” I say, “I totally checked that already.”

He doesn’t like the wind. Not that I actually checked whether it will be windy, the race is weeks away, and who’s to say what the weather will bring.

And yes, please note I have just lied to my older son. Parents do that a lot. I could defend it as a necessary means for getting though the day. I could also acknowledge that it is very poor modeling. Then again, if we’re going to get into modeling, and poor examples thereof, we will be here forever.

So, yes I lied. I had to. And again, we were talking wind."

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