Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There is new joint. The Terminator of Love. Mendicant Bookworks. At the Smashwords. Hit it. Now. Please. Thanks.

Quite thrilled we are about The Terminator of Love and the quite stellar line-up it joins at The Mendicant. You can hit it at the Smashwords. You can Goodreads it. And you can let us what you think. Cool? Excellent. All of it. That. Now how about some description? 

"Jay McInerney meets Woody Allen -- with enough pop culture to orbit Tarantino. Told in 2nd person, Tanzer brings us along as a love-struck everyman trying to convince both the world and this girl, at any cost, that he -- and not her boss -- is the guy for her. Will she wake up, or must he become the Terminator of Love?" 

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