Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Tanzer has a way of being so intimate with his fiction that you feel like you know the people, that you are talking with them face to face, that their pain is your pain." My Father's House gets Big Other'd. And likes it. A lot.

Bring the pain and appreciations. Look, Ryan Bradley is not objective, he is a supporter and champion. He also loves literature though, and the dude is always raw and always honest, and we love him for that and because of this, his writing prowess, and his awesomely damaged self, he is one of a number of writers who's reactions to our work is important to us. All of which is to say, big thanks to the Ryan Bradley for his way thoughtful review, and yes, reactions, to My Father's House at the Big Other. It means a ton. Now how about some excerpt before we start getting all soft? Thanks.

"I consider myself lucky to have had a small role in the glorious publication history Tanzer continues to compile. More than that I consider myself lucky to be able to call him a friend. To say that My Father’s House effected me emotionally would be an injustice. My Father’s House wounded me as if I were the main character who is losing his father. It spoke to me as if it were my own inner dialogue of dealing with my issues regarding my inherent, perhaps bred, need to be tough. Not for other people but for myself. That to let down those guards I have built up could create a spiraling to an unquantifiable extent."

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