Thursday, November 24, 2011

"My Father's House is a compassionate, wise, and fearless book." My Father's House receives some Goodreads love. And is most thankful indeed.

On a day full of thanks, and we at the TBWCYL, Inc. are most thankful indeed for your love and support, we are also most thankful for the most kind words TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Geoff Hyatt has posted to the Goodreads about My Father's House. Big thanks brother and drinks on us for sure when next we meet. For everyone, Happy Thanksgiving, and how about some excerpt? Cool.

"What's wonderful about My Father's House is how the impending death of a loved one brings the narrator's life, with all its beauty and flaws, into sharp focus. Indeed, it is the imperfections of this teller that make him so much more perfected and authentic-feeling--Tanzer isn't afraid to let these characters disappoint one another or themselves, to let failure be part of the organic process of growing into the reality of their own existences."

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