Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Father's House. Flooding. Buying books. And donations to MacArthur Elementary School.

We've been very shaken up this week reading about the massive flooding in our hometown of Binghamton, NY. We were especially upset though to learn that MacArthur Elementary School, the elementary school attended by TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer was especially hard hit and that first floor classrooms and the library that Ben spent countless hours in as a child has lost all of its Pre-K through 5th grade books. Upstate writer and teacher Kevin Lucia has a long post on where you can send books to help the school replace its lost books and we hope you will take a look. While we plan to send books ourselves, starting at tonight Two With Water reading we are prepared to donate the sales from the next 10 copies of my new novella My Father's House that we sell directly from our stash to the purchase of more books for the school. When we reach that goal we will also add an additional $50. The book sells for $10 and so if you are interested in purchasing a copy, or even multiple copies for friends, neighbors and  libraries of your own, please let us know here at the blog, via FB or Twitter, or at the address, tell us your address and we will let you know where to send us the cash and then send you a signed copy of the book, or books, and cover the shipping charges as well. Cool? We think so. We also think participating will change some lives. So please help us do so, and please re-post this post wherever you usually do that kind of thing.

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