Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Lion King. My Father's House hype. Dead dads. And massive Fathermucker love and appreciations to the Greg Olear.

Big thanks to TBWCYL, Inc. favorite and Fathermucker extraordinaire Greg Olear for running our new essay titled The Lion King at the Fathermucker blog. We honestly believe that we fulfilled our contractual obligations to talk parenting with the Lion King. We also want to own-up in advance to utilizing this most generous of opportunities to hype My Father's House, because we are shady, no stealthy, something anyway, like that. Regardless, big appreciations Greg, drinks on us for sure when next we meet, and for the rest of you, please do take a look and please do enjoy some excerpt.

Noah had never shown much interest in The Lion King. He had watched it with Myles when he was younger, but he’s Pixar, not Disney; Pokemon and Ben Ten.

But even that changed, because they are always changing.

Noah wants to watch more musicals.

Myles likes musicals. Myles now stars in musicals. Myles played a hyena in a musical.  And Noah wants to be like him. Follow him. Understand him.

And Noah wanted to watch The Lion King again.

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