Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time of Death, Experiments in Manhood and My Father's House.

Big thanks to local scribe and TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Robert Duffer for inviting us to write a guest essay as part of his excellent blog series Experiments in Manhood. In keeping with our efforts to start building and spreading the hype around the soon to be released My Father's House, we not so subtly cross-pollinated our essay "Time of Death" with a handful of references to the new book, while only barely comprising, we hope, our professional mien and responsibilities. That said, we plan to do as much of this going forward as we can and we hope you enjoy it, all of it, including the excerpt below. Thanks again Duffer, and drinks on us, many, when next we meet.

"All this thinking about him not living has also got me wondering whether I will outlive him. Maybe? Probably? Okay, but what if I don’t? That’s only sixteen more years. Sixteen. That’s plenty of time to write more, which is good, because there are so many things I want to write about. Like a novel inspired by, or possibly as an homage to, how a character might cope with his father’s slow, though still way too fast death. (Yes, that is a quasi- and probably totally unprofessional plug for my soon to be released novella My Father’s House.)"

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