Monday, July 18, 2011

CCLaP Weigel "Hypermodern Edition" release and interview action.

As CCLaP build towards its massive August 10th book release blow-out, we are happy to note that today represents the release of the hard cover, or if you prefer, "Hypermodern Edition," of the most excellent Too Young to Fall Asleep by the also most excellent Sally Weigel who CCLaP has taken a moment to interview, or "chat" with today as well, and yes, yes, we know its not the correct day for a new episode of Interview Sundays, but it might be Sunday somewhere, right? Sure it is. So, please do hit it, enjoy some excerpt and we look forward to seeing you on the 10th.

CCLaP: And how has your writing been going recently? I'm happy to announce, for example, that CCLaP will be putting out a new book by you next winter.

SW: Yes, which I am quite excited about. It works out perfectly because since the release of "Asleep" I have been writing on my own, mostly short stories. While some I have tried and managed to get published, a lot of the others have been sitting half-finished or 80% finished. So this summer is the perfect time to sit down, tie all of the loose ends up and really push through all of the revisions so I can hopefully come out with a collection that shows all of the ways my writing has changed since my last big publication. Which I do believe it has. It's exciting as a young writer, still learning the craft, to constantly feel this urge to show my skills and how I have changed. I don't necessarily feel like the same writer as when I wrote "Asleep".

CCLaP: I was just about to ask what it's like for you now to look back on the book, almost three years since you wrote the first draft. For those who don't know, you were still in high school when first working on this.

SW: Yeah, it's pretty strange. Because not only do I look back on a piece of writing but I look back the whole experience. And there was a definite draw from my own life that I took to develop the plot in the novella. So when I reread it, there are times when it's like revisiting that period in my life, during the summer going into college, which I believe to be one where I grew up quite a bit from. It's also strange because this was my first publication and so I look back on the novella with all of the feedback that I received and I look at it as a critic at times. I am happy with the novella in many, many ways but in other ways, I know specific things that I want to straw away from in future pieces.


Jason Pettus said...

Thanks for the mention, Ben! And of course, let's not forget that the next paper book scheduled to be released is Ben's own "99 Problems," his book of essays on running and writing from 2010, which has been such a big hit over at Amazon. That comes out right at the beginning of August, just a week or so before the party on the 10th.

Ben Tanzer said...

Really? We had no idea. Or did we?