Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Book Will Change Your Life - Prize Winners by Ryan W. Bradley.

Oh what to do with Prize Winners from TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Ryan W. Bradley? There is sex, and more sex, raunch, depravity, and nakedly raw characters, and sex, did we mention that? Here's the thing though, the thing being what we think we know when we think we are talking about sex. It can be titillating. It can be too graphic. Or uncomfortable. Humorous. Violent. Sad. Fun, yes, even fun, have you heard? And Prize Winners is all of that, but again, here's the thing, the sex here is something the characters primarily do in an effort to make the pain and confusion go away, the more sex they have, the more they don't have to focus on their failed, or failing marriages, their inability to have children and their lame jobs, and there is power in this kind of writing, and the writing is real, yes, we said real, and yes, we sort of hate that, using real as a descriptor, what does that mean, and so maybe its better to say, that the writing is real to us because there is anguish, and anger, and like the sex it is raw, and naked, and there is strength in that, not shying away from the ugliness of life and relationships and not hiding behind anything, no metaphors, no imagery, not really, just the act of sex as a means for expressing everything, running from everything and maybe even being the only highlight of the day, which if you think about it is immensely sad, but certainly beats the alternative.


Ryan W. Bradley said...

i can't even begin to express my thanks, chief.

Ben Tanzer said...

We think you just did. And now we're all good. We were anyway, now we're cool. Which we were before. Huh. Well, you get the point.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

point totally gotten