Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tell Me a Story - Michael Kimball. Yes, that Michael Kimball.

Word. Big word. TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Michael Kimball has penned a fine piece titled "I Wanted to Go With Her" for TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog's Tell Me a Story feature and we are quite digging it. Quite. All of it. So please do take a look, because it just might change your life. Word.

"It was my sophomore year of high school before I received a telephone call from a girl. Her name was Ellen Bonner and she sat across from me in our beginning typing class. I used to tease her about anything that I could think of—the way she styled her hair, the shape of her nose, the width of the stripes on her corduroys, the flowers on her blouse, the way that she spelled her last name, which was almost funny. Of course, I only did this to Ellen Bonner because I really liked her."

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