Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Book Will Change Your Life - Muted Lines From Someone Else's Memory by Seth Berg.

Travel. Read. Dark Sky. There is a temptation of course when you read multiple (and please note that some content has been removed), in this case two, does that even qualify as multiple, anyway, multiple releases from the same publisher and in this case at the same time to ask yourself, why was said publisher drawn to these titles, what might they have in common, do they hang together in terms of theme, language or some more nebulous thing like vibe or rhythm? Which brings us to Muted Lines From Someone Else's Memory by Seth Berg, a collection of poems, and the question of what then, what do we have? Berg beautifully utilizes nature, wildlife, childhood and nostalgia. And yes, on the face of it, these are completely different threads, yet in both cases we encounter characters who are looking back to look forward, reflecting, dissecting, and trying to not just figure out their relationships, but themselves in relation to those relationships. All of which is to say, that after reading both of these, we think Dark Sky is carving out an identity all their own, but we will keep reading what they are up to and report back to you, right here, promise. We also think thought that these books just may change your life, and so we hope you will take a look and then let us know what you think. Cool? Wonderbar.

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worth a read to change your life