Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writers Read. You Can Make Him Like You. Trifecta.

Wait for it, there you go, and yes, we have a Campaign for the American Reader You Can Make Him Like You trifecta. The Page 69 Test. Check. My Book, The Movie. Check. And now a Writers Read post where we get to celebrate the work of Victor David Giron, Ray Charbonneau and Alex Kudera among others. Big thanks, yet again, to Marshal Zeringue, please enjoy the below excerpt, and please read, and buy, independent books, it does a heart good.

"I've actually been in a really interesting stretch over the last month where I've been reading three debut novels, okay, two novels, and one memoir for those of you counting at home, all three by authors I have become friendly with, and all quite different in tone and texture, but still all debuts, and self-published or from new, small presses, so quite cool, fun to dig into and deserving of a wider audience."

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