Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jesse Bradley action.

We know, we know, its not time for Interview Sundays, which is still be focus-grouped anyway, but we were having a Jesse Bradley moment, so there you go. We have published Jesse in This Zine Will Change Your Life. Nice. We are so most likely reading with him in May at the Quimby's. Very nice. And he had some awfully kind words about You Can Make Him Like You. Most nice. So it is a moment, and we are digging this review of Jesse's collection Dodging Traffic and interview from Tangerine Tree Press, and now we are sharing it, plus some excerpt, enjoy, prosper and be Bradley.

T.T. You do a lot of performance work. How has that affected the way you write? And has it affected what you write about? The immediacy of your audience and critics must make a difference, the lack of barriers between the poem and the minds receiving it.

Performance work helps give a better attention to how the poem or story sounds aloud. Originally, when I was neck deep in slam, it affected what I wrote about, trying to write what could win now and again. Now, I write what I want. My flash fiction chapbook The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot shows an evolution in my style. I think I'm only going to get more interesting.

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