Monday, February 7, 2011

This (e-) Book Will Change Your Life - Supercomputer by Jordan Castro.

Travel, read, we're are easing back into it and are very excited as always to check out new presses and new work and sift through the tremendous amount of good writing that is endlessly percolating and finding its way into our mailbox, inbox and hipster TIMBUK2 bike bag. And so it is that we read Supercomputer by Jordan Castro the new e-book from the new Deckfight Press, a publishing spin-off from long time TBWCYL, Inc. favorites Deckfight, purveyors of all good things literature and music. Supercomputer is a collection of interlocking stories, no poems, maybe prose poems even, focused on work and girls and possibility, mostly the lack there of, that hit us on a variety of levels, not the least of which was the idea that not only did we enter adulthood at a different place and time than the protagonist(s) in this collection, but that in so many ways this collection is almost a literary and pop culture driven anthropological survey of the state of young adults, twenty somethings, Millenials, what have you, today, because something is happening out there across the country, less work, the necessity of going back home, and the lack of direction due to the the lack of opportunities and choises regardless of direction, and in that way Supercomputer becomes a snapshot of what is now, if not what will be for some time, and a voice for the disenfranchised, which really is what art can be, maybe should be, and something Castro and Deckfight have jumped on in a most exciting fashion.


Anonymous said...

this was a very well-written and easy-to-understand review.

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

Thank you, and thanks for coming by.