Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Easy and graceful." You Can Make Him Like You gets Banners of Death'd. And likes it. A lot.

You Can Make Him Like You has received its first review from Dave Kiefaber over at Banners of Death and quite geeked we are. We had the chance to meet Dave at the AWP and we really appreciate the kind thoughts. We're going to share some excerpt below and then we're going to report back soon on his chapbook You People Disgust Me which is sitting here, right here, as we speak.

"I do take issue with the reviews mentioning how saturated with pop culture the book is, because it's much more genuine than that. "Pop Culture" books are usually insufferable, brand name-dropping turds that laugh at their own jokes too much, and You Can Make Him Like You is miles above that classification in terms of delivery and content - in fact, it makes the incredibly difficult process of developing and maintaining a character arc look easy and graceful, in the same way that Timothy Willis Sanders does when he's on point."

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