Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The TBWCYL, Inc. 2010 Top Ten Television List.

How about some Top Ten Television? Nice.

(1) Friday Night Lights. Family. Race. Adultery. Education. Choice. Poverty. And football. Nothing else like it. Nothing.

(2) Mad Men. Can you say a fine return to the humor, but no loss of the angsty sixties awesomeness? We thought you could.

(3) Modern Family. Just say no to sophomore slumps.

(4) Damages. This past season's Madoff riff and Martin Short's stunt casting was quite fine indeed.

(5) Raising Hope. So much goodness, not the least of which are the sweet roles for the otherwise endlessly underutilized Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt.

(6) Louis. Seinfeld with a twitch.

(7) Justified.

(8) Glee. So many misfires, see the Christmas episode, and yet with apologies to Dave Housley, so much joy and so much pain handled so movingly. And in song. Yes.

(9) Rescue Me. The unreal sobriety by christening scene alone was worth the price of admission, but its ongoing focus on September 11th and its reverberations demands that we pay attention.

10) Amazing Race. The fact the cab drivers can cost a team a million dollars just by getting lost somehow never gets old or any less tense.

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