Thursday, December 16, 2010

New joint. Staff Meeting at Curbside Splendor. Sweetness.

Big thanks to Victor David Giron and the crew at Curbside Splendor for running our new piece Staff Meeting. It is much appreciated and we hope you will take a look. We also hope it changes your life, because that's what we do, care about you and your happiness. Now, how about some excerpt? Awesome.

"I should begin by telling you that what I have to say unquestionably hurts me more than it hurts you. But I won’t, because that would be selfish, self-serving and self-indulgent.

Further, this isn’t about me and it never was. It’s about you and how you know that I know that you know that you would rather not have to have this conversation at all.

Still, while I will not dwell on how I have suffered in preparing for this conversation, I will tell you that I have been struggling for weeks now to maintain an erection, something I am proud to say, had otherwise not been a concern for me since I gave up sniffing glue in the late eighties."

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