Friday, December 17, 2010

Embarrassment. Awesomeness. My Father's House. Pre-order half-price madness.

On the heels, or maybe its prior to the heels, of the upcoming release of TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer's new novel You Can Make Him Like You from Artistically Declined this coming February, Main Street Rag Publishing Company has decided to publish his (other) new book My Father’s House, hence both the embarrassment and the awesomeness. The book is scheduled for release next July and will sell for $9.95, but you can get it now for a mere $5.50 + shipping by placing an Advance Discount order from the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore, or if you are more inclined to pay by check, they are $8.75 each including tax and shipping. Please remember that ordering in advance does not mean you will receive the book prior to July, but you can get it for a mere $5.50. Did we already mention that? We would also really appreciate it if you would consider sharing this information with every person you’ve ever met, ever, anywhere, Rabbi’s, prom dates, exterminators, etc., not to mention maybe plugging it on your blogs and the Facebook. Thanks in advance for the support and interest, and for your reading pleasure we have included a brief synopsis below. Finally, please note that the cover is illustrated by Ben Tanzer's late father Michael Tanzer and we are hoping that wherever he is, he is digging that.

Inspired by The Basketball Diaries, My Father’s House is an homage to the sparse lyricism of Bruce Springsteen and the slamming, punchy storytelling of The Ramones. Both raw and humorous, it is a tale of illness and coping, fathers and sons, and the birth of the writer. It explores compulsions and confusion, and how it is we deal with grief, ghosts and our inability to communicate what we feel and think and need despite our every desire to do so. With nods to JFK Jr., Ray Bradbury, Magnolia and all things in between, My Father’s House is a journey that begins by asking whether we can ever know death, and along the way shows us that if even if we cannot, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t face it, embrace it, run with it and ultimately let it wash over us like a song.

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Pete said...

The juggernaut accelerates again. Bravo.