Friday, November 12, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Ryan Seacrest is Famous by Dave Housley.

One time we were talking to the esteemed cultural critic and TBWCYL, Inc. favorite David Masciotra and he said something to affect of, "people today talk about pop culture like they once spoke about trees." We thought about this as we read the short story collection Ryan Seacrest is Famous by Dave Housley. It would be reasonable to focus on his deft and humorous touch as he skewers, and even celebrates, the banalities of pop culture, but there is something else going here as well, the use of pop culture to engage people in a larger conversation about pain, the pain of break-ups and falling short of your own expectations, of knowing this may be as good as it gets and the realization that knowing this is nearly unbearable, that we are damaged, and we may not be able to fix ourselves, even if we cared to try or somehow fought past the denial and self-delusion that allows us to make it through the day and that ultimately no matter what we do or try the world is likely to collapse around us, little by little, because that's what it does, and because life isn't fair and no one ever said it would be.

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