Thursday, November 11, 2010

"99 Problems is a gem of a book." 99 Problems gets Baby Got Books'd. And likes it. A lot.

One thing we have been quite digging with the reaction to 99 Problems is not just the positivity, though that's awesome, and humbling, but the personal reactions to the work, both from those we know and those we do not. In the case of Baby Got Books we do know the crew there, but it certainly doesn't change how much we appreciate their kind words or the highly intimate response to the work. Many thanks, and in this case, drinks for sure, and as usual, when next we are there.

"99 Problems is a gem of a book. You’ll learn a lot about the author and his creative processes, which highlights the level of introspection that can come from time alone pounding the pavement. Of course, my favorite essay is about a run that Tanzer takes in Atlanta. I met up with Ben and some literary scenesters that he assembled at Twain’s Tavern after the run, and we talked over beers about books and bad TV. Here’s how Ben characterizes the book scene in Atlanta:

It is a city that loves words and stories and the people who tangle with them, and these people are my people.

I’m proud to have been named as one of those people, and I hope that the Chamber of Commerce picks up on the description of our city. And because I’m also one of those people that has Veteran’s day off, I’m lacing up my running shoes and going for a run on this beautiful day."

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