Friday, October 15, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Lambs of Men by Charles Dodd White.

Travel. Read. Rinse. Repeat. This week we were road. And this week we read Lambs of Men by Charles Dodd White, which presents us with the story of a soldier returning home from World War I to his birthplace in the Appalachians. It is a tale of murder and even love, that is rich in mood and setting, and yet as finely as all this is told, it is much more than this as well, for what White is really trying to explore, is storytelling in all its forms, the endless clash of fathers and sons, legacies and pain, how we are haunted by violence, and whether we can make peace with any of this. Ultimately it is a story about how we cope, with pain, our own limitations, mistakes and regrets and the memories we can never quite shake regardless of our efforts to run from them, shut them out or drink them away.

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