Friday, August 20, 2010

Impose Codex Deckfight 99 Problems Quick Questions interview madness.

Old friend, TBWCYL, Inc. favorite and fearless leader of the Deckfight empire Josh Spilker was kind of enough to talk 99 Problems with TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer and we are most grateful. We are also providing you with an excerpt because we are good like that.

This is the first non-fiction thing i've read by you (I think). do you see some stylistic differences in your non-fiction vs. your fiction?

"This may be the first non-fiction piece you’ve read, unless you ran into some of my early obscure stuff, which if you haven’t, it’s cool and doesn’t hurt my feelings, because you are otherwise very supportive, okay, actually, maybe it hurts my feelings a little. But I digress. Stylistically I think the key difference is that the fictional characters I’m interested in are struggling with obtaining greater self-awareness and spend a lot of time trying to get there, but also spend a lot of time trying to avoid getting there, projecting everything they are struggling with outward and away from them, whether this is through dialogue, drugs or sex, in essence, lots of interaction with a variety of things that allow for less thinking. The non-fiction work is different though, full of compulsions for sure, but while my wife would be happy to let you know how not self-aware I am, and if she’s reading this, you’re right baby, these essays are all about my trying to be more self-aware, more internal and thoughtful, and are based in part on the idea that where I once may once have been consciously, and unconsciously, like the characters I write about, more recently I have tried to not push everything away, and see running as a tool for insight, and not just escape."

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