Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Book Will Change Your Life - Worlds Without End. And The Book House at Stuyvesant Plaza reading photo action.

We wanted take a moment say how much fun we had reading with upstate New York author and TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Glen Feulner at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza last week when we were in Albany. Rumors to the effect that the turnout may have been slight are probably accurate, but as we finally got to read at The Book House, much appreciated, and awesome, and meet Glen in person, most awesome, we are pretty thrilled with how things turned out. We also had the chance to obtain a copy of Glen's new graphic novel Worlds Without End, and now that we are finished reading it, not to mention cowering on our couch at headquarters, we are happy to report that Worlds Without End is a trippy, yet terrifying romp through a dystopian Philip K. Dickian world where violence rules, darkness and confusion reign and nothing ever quite comes to an end, until the end, which is just like it ought to be.


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